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Add Running To Your Weight Loss Program

Add Running To Your Healthy Weight Loss Program

The beginning of the New Year is the right time to chalk out a proper weight loss program for all those who have determined to shed the excess pounds before the end of 2018. One should ensure that the weight loss method that he or she will be adopting must be to help aid healthy weight loss. All those who aim to achieve weight loss must have realistic goals individually. Developing healthy habits and following a healthy diet schedule are very crucial for healthy weight reduction. Achieving weight loss in a few months should not be the only goal. Those who could reduce their weight to the desired extent and maintain the reduced weight for not less than ten years are considered truly successful in their efforts to achieve weight loss. The tips that are given in this article will help the aspiring dieters to achieve healthy as well as sustained weight loss.

Enjoy eating more vegetables as well as fruits

Instead of abruptly reducing your food intake you must make it a point to include more nutritious food items into your diet. While reducing your weight see to it that your overall health is not affected and for that it is very essential to include more healthy foods in your regular diet. Start taking more vegetables and fruits for your lunch and snacks. As you know, vegetables are rich in nutrients and low in calories. For those who are trying to reduce weight vegetables and fruits are the best foods. Since most of the fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber they facilitate proper digestion and also make you feel full.

Include whole grains also in your diet

Though a low-carb diet is essential for weight loss, your diet need not be 100% carb-free. Carbohydrates are also required for weight loss. Recent studies reveal that those who include grains also as a part of their diet are less susceptible to obesity as well as type 2 diabetes. Grains can be a side dish for your meals and instead of refined grains consume whole grains.

Do not give up regular exercises

Regular physical exercises are the best ways to help aid healthy weight loss. If you start feel that the exercise that you do regularly is boring you may switch over to other types of exercise like running, jogging,  yoga, swimming, aerobics or tai chi. By way of doing physical exercises, you are not only reducing pounds but also increasing your lifespan by a few years. Walking is also a powerful exercise and when you walk for some time you get great relief from stress. When you feel depressed or agitated, instead of resorting to emotional eating get outside, walk freely, even run a bit,  and breathe fresh air. Those who want to reduce weight must walk daily for not less than minutes.

Drink plenty of water

Water is very important for the body and many people fail to keep their body hydrated to the required extent. Instead of drinking too much coffee, alcoholic beverages or soda, those who want to reduce weight can make it a point to drink minimum 12 glasses of water daily. The brain and other parts of the body need water to function properly. Those who are on a weight loss mission may see to it that for whole of 2018, they carry water bottles wherever they go. In order to make the water tastier and more nutritious the water may be mixed with lemon juice.


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Let’s Start With A Good Sports Bra

Ok, I have never been the exercising, eating healthy, kind of person. I am not a size small, medium or large kinda gal. Not even an extra large. Oh I once was, but having a few kids, becoming a mommy “taxi”, a husband that travelled all the time. It was easier to grab a meal at the local fast food restaurant.  So year after year it was easier to buy a larger size and just chalk it up to getting older. Well, I realized that my closet is full of sizes small, medium, large, extra large, 1x, 2x, and 3x. OMG, what have I done to myself. It is hard to breathe sometimes, I have no energy, and I feel really depressed when I think about it. So where do I start?

Being a larger size women I think starting with a good sports bra is essential. Hey, even us big busted gals don’t want to be bouncing all over the place. So how do we pick out the right one for our body shape? I don’t think that your size should matter. You just have to start. First, I would say:

1. Get Measured- don’t rely on your regular bra size. Measure around the largest part of your bust. Then measure around the    rib cage directly under the breasts. If you are not sure, have a expert at the local lingerie shop do it for you.

2. Prepare to pay more- yes you will have to pay a higher price for the “quality” of a well made bra. This goes for the                    activewear that you will need.

3. Moisture-wicking fabric best for absorbing the nasty sweat that gets trapped under your breasts that can cause a rash.

4. Please don’t give up, ever. We are own worst enemy. I have used food as a crutch for as long as I can remember. Be kind              to yourself. Take it one day at a time. Start off small, even going for a walk with the dog or your husband. It’s all ok. Once            you build up your confidence the sky’s the limit.

There are so many brands out there Brooks, Lululemon Athletica, Jockey, Under Armour and so many more. Remember you can’t get anywhere without starting somewear.



Love yourself just the way your are. Size small, medium, large or extra large. We all have to start somewhere.



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How To Prevent Common Running Injuries


Select the right running shoe

It is necessary to select a running shoe which is engineered to match the specific foot type. A good selection is sure to help you prevent those common injuries. This can also make running all the more enjoyable and allow you to get plenty of mileage from your shoes. The shoe manufacturers have been trying to come up with shoes that match specific feet requirements. The feet generally fall into any of the three categories.

  • Floppy feet: Few people may have that ‘floppy’ foot which are loose jointed. This type of feet is too mobile. As they hit ground, they tend to give and roll within inside. Flat foot impression is left by floppy feet on wet sand. Running shoes that are improperly fitted may cause uneven wear in the shoe’s inside and outside. Heels are likely to wear unevenly on inside. The common injuries for such type of feet due to improperly fitted shoes can be arch pain, knee pain, and heel pain. This type of feet requires running control offering motion control.
  • Rigid feet: There are also people having ‘rigid’ feet. Such type of feet is tight jointed. They may not yield sufficient upon impact. This type of foot tends to leave just the toes, feet ball and heel impression in the wet sand. It is also called high arch feet. The improper running shoes for such type of feet wear unevenly on the outside of the shoe. It is on the external edge that the heels wear excessively. The common injuries that take place are shin splints, stress fractures, ankle sprains. For avoiding such impact related injuries, what you need to wear are impact-control running shoes.
  • Normal foot: It is the third type that falls somewhere between rigid and mobile. Such foot type may use any type of running shoe which is properly cushioned and stable.

Irrespective of the feet type that you have, when you shop for running shoes, you are to keep few things in mind. You should buy only branded pair of good quality running shoes. You should discuss your foot problems, shoe needs and foot type with an experienced and knowledgeable sales person. You can also check online to get to know more about the available brands along with their prices. Instead of running shoe, you may want to purchase a training shoe.

At the same time, you should wear socks which are similar comfortable for your feet. Wear them and check out if they can be worn without any hassle and start training using them. This way, you can avoid those common sports related injuries.

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How to Cool Down After a Long Run

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This is a question that many people tend to ask, especially those who are interested in participating in long runs. Health experts are of the opinion that this depends upon the intensity and length of the effort. What is necessary after the long training runs is a solid cool down procedure. It is as necessary to increase your performance as well as recovery as warm-up. The latter helps you to be better prepared for the upcoming workouts. Whereas, the cool down helps to ease your body and get you back into reality. This prepares you to be prepared for the next tough workout.


Blood is transitioned from working muscle to resting flow patterns. This is achieved by walking post run. Abrupt stopping after runs is likely to encourage blood pooling. It may cause dizziness. But, walking postrun for few minutes can be considered to be minimalist cool down, if time is short. In case, you are eager to get more benefits, then you can consider customizing the cool down routine for suiting race or workout types.

Easy ways to achieve the task

  • Easy effort run: Brisk walking is to be continued for 3 to 5 minutes and then continue with gentle walking. This is to be done slowly and the transition process should be done properly. Form drills can be performed for about 5 to 10 minutes for mobility, strength and form. Total body flexibility is to be performed for 5 to 10 minutes like stretches and foam rolling.
  • Quality run: Run-walking or easy effort running is to be practiced for about 5 to 10 minutes after the speed, tempo and other quality running efforts. Brisk walking for 3 to 5 minutes and then continued to gentle walking. Total body stretching for about 5 to 10 minutes, including foam rolling in warm-up routine or after hard workouts for about 2 to 6 hours.
  • Long run: Easy effort walking for about 10 minutes. Cold water bath, garden hose, shower or river, for about 5 to 10 minutes. Yoga pose like “Viparita Karani” or “Legs up on Wall” is to be performed for about 5 to 10 minutes. This can be performed on the floor, in the tree shade, on the ground and in bed. This can refresh circulation, stretch gently the legs. It is a fabulous way to reflect upon the long run. Then wait for about 2 to 6 hours after completing the long run finish. Perform massage, stretch or self massage. It allows the body and muscles with sufficient time for replenishing energy, fluids and to help recover from demands of long run. It makes way for optimal training for stretching and releasing the tight muscles.
  • Race day: For 5 to 10k races, run-walking or easy effort running for 10 minutes that is followed by easy effort walking for 5 minutes. For half full marathon races, perform easy effort walking for about 10 minutes. Yoga pose for 5 to 10 minutes.

Following the above will help you to cool down after a long run.

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How to Properly Warm Up For a Long Run

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It could be that you are planning to participate in a longer run, even a marathon. There are few things that you need to consider to ensure that you are fully fit just before starting the run. There are several elite people who run the Marathon from time to time, since it is their profession. These people do get paid for running and can run quite well! But the majority, it can be their very first time. You may have been dreaming for a long time to participate in one.

Useful first time marathon tips for beginners:

As a beginner, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary clothing and accessories like a branded, good quality running shoes that allows you to be comfortable and enjoy yourself completely. Following are few of the suggestions that you need to follow to make the day all the more special and memorable.

  • Be physically fit: Similar to any kind of physical activity, it is necessary to be checked by a qualified healthcare professional to determine you are healthy enough to participate in a marathon.
  • Mental preparation: It is essential to get your mind in proper shape just before running. You should remind yourself constantly, why you are participating in the run. Allowing everyone to know about it will help to get overwhelming support.
  • Proper training: What you require is good pair of running shoes. This is something that cannot be compromised upon. Warm up with ballistic stretches or active stretches to warm up your muscles, stretch them properly. Identify a running group. What you require is motivation, which can be achieved by running with someone. Prepare your routes, know where to get breaks and refreshments. Get a clear idea of the distance to be covered.
  • Get a carefully designed training plan and follow it. Such programs are sure to work and it will be wise to stick to it.
  • Get sufficient rest to replenish your energy and tired body.
  • Include cross training within your plan.
  • Hire an experienced running coach, in case, there is a need. They can prove to be valuable resource.
  • Clothing needs to be moisture wicking items: The type of weather is to be pre-determined –warm or cold weather gear like headband or hat, special socks, special underwear, gloves, tube socks – Long pair or arm warmers.
  • Food for energy and strength: You should undertake experiments not on the race day, but during the long training runs. You can carry sports drink and water and this will depend upon the event that you participate.
  • Know your course well and be familiar with it. Few events may conduct bus tour to help you better understand the course.
  • Injuries: You should immediately attend to all types of injuries. This way, you can make sure that even the small tinge does not get converted into a major issue. Know your limitations. Ice baths are essential after long training runs.

By following these points, you can warm up for your long run and be well prepared.

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Three Ways to Practice Long Distance Running

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If you’re a runner, you may have long dreamt of running the marathon. But the truth is that running for the 26.22 mile stretch and touching that finishing line can be compared to scaling Mount Everest and reaching its peak. It is indeed quite challenging and is limited only to those who are brave at heart and completely determined to achieve their goals. But this does not necessary mean that you cannot take part in longer distance race. With proper practice, dedication and full commitment to this sport, you be competitive. What is basically required is your maximum effort to train well, dedicate sufficient time to the practice and be motivated constantly to the max. This can sound to be somewhat tough initially. However with time, you can get over things and emerge a winner.

Some marathon tips for aspiring winners

  • The entire preparation should be well planned and you need to give your body a good amount of time to get accustomed to the rigorous training and running. Four to six months would be more than enough for the prep process. You need to run for about 4 times in a week without fail. At the same time, you should try to take rest for a day or so in between the rigorous training sessions. One weekend day is to be devoted to long distance running, to ensure that over time, you are in a position to cover eventually a distance of more than 20 miles. At the same time, you should try to increase your mileage just by about 10% every week and no more than that. If you try to rush in things, then the chances of suffering due to injuries can be very high. Hence, to minimize all types of risks and issues, you have to devote some part of the training session to warm up as well as to cool down. Start any training only after your muscles are properly stretched that you should start. Otherwise, don’t start that day. Experts are of the opinion that stretching out is essential and recommended in between actual running.
  • Running for a long time in the very beginning can be real tough. It is for this reason, you can have some walking alternated with running. This can help you to slow down your heart rate and also to get your muscles relaxed a bit. As a matter of fact, there are many who have adopted this amazing strategy during the actual race.
  • One more important practice that you can have as part of the long distance preparation strategy is to perform weight training. This will only make your muscles and body much stronger and also boost your stamina significantly. This way, you can last for a longer period of time and not get tired quickly.

The above are the three different ways by which you can practice long distance running and eventually become a good marathon runner.

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How to Prepare For Your First 5K Race

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You may be getting interested in participating in a 5k race for the first time.  The key to running any successful race is proper preparation, which needs to be done well in advance. There are indeed several things you need to do to be fully fit for the 5k race.

Some useful tips to prepare for the first 5k race

  • Stay hydrated: During the race, one of the biggest fears faced by runners is dehydration. It may lead you to experience increased exhaustion symptoms, since your muscles is likely to fail in getting the desired moisture that is necessary to function efficiently and effectively. Sufficient water will be required to stay hydrated. But excess water is not to be taken, otherwise, you will likely feel heavy and sluggish. You need to know the locations of the water stations on the route plan, prior to starting the race. You should be drinking a pint of water every 30 to 40 minutes to boost performance and maintain hydration levels. Although energy drinks may give short energy bursts to your body, they are only make you feel more tired in the long run and therefore, are better avoided.
  • Warm up/stretches: You need to have your body well prepared to face the rigors ahead and this can be achieved with gentle stretches. This will loosen your tight tendons and muscles to make them light and relaxed and help you decrease or eliminate anxiety. This way, you can use your muscle groups to the maximum and get good response. This also helps to diminish all injury prospects. The warm up program should be started 40 minutes prior to the race. Some time should be spent on various types of stretches, which focuses upon specific muscles that will be used primarily for running. Some of the include the following:
    • Neck & shoulders
    • Calf muscles
    • Achilles tendon
    • Hamstring
    • Lower back
    • Quadriceps
  • Positive mental attitude: You should try to focus your mind during the forty-minute warm up session and understand your goals and objectives. Since this is your first 5k race, you may want to win it. For this, you need to be in the right frame of mind and your attitude also needs to be correct. You should eliminate all thoughts of failure and visualize your goals.
  • Consume high carbohydrate breakfast: It is true that even many seasoned runners tend to get nervous on this big day. Some are noticed to simply skip up their breakfast, just because do not feel like eating anything or simply out of nervousness. Breakfast is quite essential and what you require is a high carbohydrate type. This not only helps your blood sugar to be well maintained, but will also provide you with sufficient energy, which is sure to have a positive impact on your overall performance.

If you follow these tips it can help ensure that you are well prepared for the 5k race and give your best performance.

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Should You Join A Running Club

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For many people, running is best as a solitary experience.  You can move at your own space, on your own schedule and either clear your mind or use the time to sort out what’s on your mind.  Others however, need the structure (or semi structure) of an organized running club.  Here are some reasons you might think about joining a club.

-To get in better shape.  Of course running is a great way to get in shape but an organized structure and running with experienced people can help you improve even more.

-To help measure your improvement.  Clubs will typically keep track of progress and help you see your improvement.  It’s much more fun to have others see and acknowledge your efforts than tracking it your self.

-To meet interesting people.  Most clubs will have a social side to them also.  This is a way to meet new people, build friendships and share other common interests.

-To meet your competition.  If you’re going to compete in road races, whether big time or just for grins, it’s good to know whom you’re running against.  You can pace each other, make friendly side bets, or use a rivalry as incentive to push yourself.

-To have people of common interest that you can talk to or travel to races with.  Going out of town for races by your self can be a tiring and boring time.  Car pooling with friends, either to your own races or to watch others race adds to the enjoyment.

-To have someone to talk to that understands your injuries.  None of us race full time and if you go back to work with an injury, you may not want to talk about it or, your co-workers may have no sympathy.  Friends in the club can relate and point you to what might have helped them with a similar injury.

-It can give you a reason to get out of bed on Sundays.  Everyone likes that chance to just roll over and get a little more sleep when you can.  With the structure of a club, you’re more likely to get up, get out and run with your friends.  The Camaraderie of the Club will pull you out.

-Finally, it can make you a better runner.  That’s what this is all about after all.  Running with structure, with a schedule and most important with friends can help you build your skills, and your strength.

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Summer Hydration Tips for Runners

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We are still into the dog days of summer. It’s important to pay attention to your hydration as you exercise both outside and inside.

First, you’ve probably read that the age old rule that you need eight glasses of water a day is just an old wives tale. Medical expert now say that there’s no right amount. It’s case by case and should be determined by age, size, amount of exercise, amount of time spent outdoors, health conditions, and even the particular requirements of medication that you may be taking.

Your diet is a great way to get hydrated and stay hydrated. Many of the things we eat – good things – provide great hydration and nutrients. Watermelon for instance, is, as the name suggests, full of good hydration but an average serving also contains more potassium than a banana. Other fluid rich veggies include oranges, tomatoes, cantaloupe, berries, celery and cucumbers. Use them in salads or just as a snack.

Chilled vegetable soups such as fruit soups, gazpacho or even vichyssoise are great in the hot weather and help maintain fluids. Frozen grapes and berries make an excellent snack. Smoothies using fruits and low fat yogurt or milk can also beat the heat.

The bottom line is to never lose sight of your hydration needs. Stay ahead of it by sipping water all day. Pay attention to the weather and pay special attention to older people and children who may not pay attention to it themselves.

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Running Tip from Groucho Marx

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As Groucho Marx Once Said…

In one of the classic Marx Brothers movies, Groucho gets up from dinner in a restaurant and starts to leave. The waiter asks, “What about my tip?” Groucho immediately responds “Wear white at night!”

Good joke then – better advice now. Many people choose to run in the early morning, in the late evening or even at night. They do this because it might be cooler, they have a regular work day, or simply because, that’s when they get around to it.

However, it’s not the safest time to run. Drivers can be more distracted either just getting up, coming home from a long day or perhaps having had a little adult beverage. Cell phones and the spaceship-like controls on newer cars can compound the difficulty they may have picking up someone out for a run.

One answer is to wear some type of reflective material. Many running shoes now have reflective material that can show the motion of the runner. Even better are reflective belts or vests that are easier to pick up. More and more runners are making these standard equipment when they take off.

Other runners prefer a battery driven light. Similar to a flashlight, these can attach to a belt or even the runner’s hat. Most can be set for a steady light or to flash to be more noticeable.

No matter what you choose, the important thing is to come home safe. Use whatever gear you need to make sure that this happens. Remember that Harpo Marx only communicated by honking his horn – that’s not a sound any runner wants to hear.