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How To Prevent Common Running Injuries


Select the right running shoe

It is necessary to select a running shoe which is engineered to match the specific foot type. A good selection is sure to help you prevent those common injuries. This can also make running all the more enjoyable and allow you to get plenty of mileage from your shoes. The shoe manufacturers have been trying to come up with shoes that match specific feet requirements. The feet generally fall into any of the three categories.

  • Floppy feet: Few people may have that ‘floppy’ foot which are loose jointed. This type of feet is too mobile. As they hit ground, they tend to give and roll within inside. Flat foot impression is left by floppy feet on wet sand. Running shoes that are improperly fitted may cause uneven wear in the shoe’s inside and outside. Heels are likely to wear unevenly on inside. The common injuries for such type of feet due to improperly fitted shoes can be arch pain, knee pain, and heel pain. This type of feet requires running control offering motion control.
  • Rigid feet: There are also people having ‘rigid’ feet. Such type of feet is tight jointed. They may not yield sufficient upon impact. This type of foot tends to leave just the toes, feet ball and heel impression in the wet sand. It is also called high arch feet. The improper running shoes for such type of feet wear unevenly on the outside of the shoe. It is on the external edge that the heels wear excessively. The common injuries that take place are shin splints, stress fractures, ankle sprains. For avoiding such impact related injuries, what you need to wear are impact-control running shoes.
  • Normal foot: It is the third type that falls somewhere between rigid and mobile. Such foot type may use any type of running shoe which is properly cushioned and stable.

Irrespective of the feet type that you have, when you shop for running shoes, you are to keep few things in mind. You should buy only branded pair of good quality running shoes. You should discuss your foot problems, shoe needs and foot type with an experienced and knowledgeable sales person. You can also check online to get to know more about the available brands along with their prices. Instead of running shoe, you may want to purchase a training shoe.

At the same time, you should wear socks which are similar comfortable for your feet. Wear them and check out if they can be worn without any hassle and start training using them. This way, you can avoid those common sports related injuries.

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Running Tip from Groucho Marx

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As Groucho Marx Once Said…

In one of the classic Marx Brothers movies, Groucho gets up from dinner in a restaurant and starts to leave. The waiter asks, “What about my tip?” Groucho immediately responds “Wear white at night!”

Good joke then – better advice now. Many people choose to run in the early morning, in the late evening or even at night. They do this because it might be cooler, they have a regular work day, or simply because, that’s when they get around to it.

However, it’s not the safest time to run. Drivers can be more distracted either just getting up, coming home from a long day or perhaps having had a little adult beverage. Cell phones and the spaceship-like controls on newer cars can compound the difficulty they may have picking up someone out for a run.

One answer is to wear some type of reflective material. Many running shoes now have reflective material that can show the motion of the runner. Even better are reflective belts or vests that are easier to pick up. More and more runners are making these standard equipment when they take off.

Other runners prefer a battery driven light. Similar to a flashlight, these can attach to a belt or even the runner’s hat. Most can be set for a steady light or to flash to be more noticeable.

No matter what you choose, the important thing is to come home safe. Use whatever gear you need to make sure that this happens. Remember that Harpo Marx only communicated by honking his horn – that’s not a sound any runner wants to hear.

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Running For Your Life

It is already the middle of Jan. and I have broken some of my promises to start the New Year off living a healthier lifestyle. I think the goal is to do it gradually one day at a time. Start with one little thing and work from there. If you try to correct to many things at once you will only get frustrated and give up. So start off small and take it easy on yourself. Take each day as a new day and if you fall know that you can get right back up and start all over again. This will be a one stop “running superstore”.  Everything from running apparel to hydration packs.  Our “runners” shop isn’t just for adults but for the little guys in your family. If you start the kids off at an early age, living a healthier lifestyle will  become a “family” thing.  Hero Runner’s motto  is “Crawl, Walk, Jog, Run”. As always if you have any questions, we will be happy to help find the answers. Thanks for checking us out at