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How to Properly Warm Up For a Long Run

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It could be that you are planning to participate in a longer run, even a marathon. There are few things that you need to consider to ensure that you are fully fit just before starting the run. There are several elite people who run the Marathon from time to time, since it is their profession. These people do get paid for running and can run quite well! But the majority, it can be their very first time. You may have been dreaming for a long time to participate in one.

Useful first time marathon tips for beginners:

As a beginner, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary clothing and accessories like a branded, good quality running shoes that allows you to be comfortable and enjoy yourself completely. Following are few of the suggestions that you need to follow to make the day all the more special and memorable.

  • Be physically fit: Similar to any kind of physical activity, it is necessary to be checked by a qualified healthcare professional to determine you are healthy enough to participate in a marathon.
  • Mental preparation: It is essential to get your mind in proper shape just before running. You should remind yourself constantly, why you are participating in the run. Allowing everyone to know about it will help to get overwhelming support.
  • Proper training: What you require is good pair of running shoes. This is something that cannot be compromised upon. Warm up with ballistic stretches or active stretches to warm up your muscles, stretch them properly. Identify a running group. What you require is motivation, which can be achieved by running with someone. Prepare your routes, know where to get breaks and refreshments. Get a clear idea of the distance to be covered.
  • Get a carefully designed training plan and follow it. Such programs are sure to work and it will be wise to stick to it.
  • Get sufficient rest to replenish your energy and tired body.
  • Include cross training within your plan.
  • Hire an experienced running coach, in case, there is a need. They can prove to be valuable resource.
  • Clothing needs to be moisture wicking items: The type of weather is to be pre-determined –warm or cold weather gear like headband or hat, special socks, special underwear, gloves, tube socks – Long pair or arm warmers.
  • Food for energy and strength: You should undertake experiments not on the race day, but during the long training runs. You can carry sports drink and water and this will depend upon the event that you participate.
  • Know your course well and be familiar with it. Few events may conduct bus tour to help you better understand the course.
  • Injuries: You should immediately attend to all types of injuries. This way, you can make sure that even the small tinge does not get converted into a major issue. Know your limitations. Ice baths are essential after long training runs.

By following these points, you can warm up for your long run and be well prepared.