2XU Women’s Compression Cycle Tights

Graduated Compression for enhanced circulation delivering higher oxygen levels to your muscles for increased power and reduced fatigue while cycling
Exclusive Italian made multi-zone chamois provides exceptional cushioning, optimal moisture management and protection
Flatlock stitching for maximum chafe resistance

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2XU’s prime compression cycle vary has been prolonged with the phenomenal lengthy compression cycle clothes. Even as proceeding to ship muscle enhance and lowered muscle fatigue houses equivalent to the 2XU Cycle Quick/Bib Quick, those new items additionally function graduated compression. Graduated compression all through the garment guarantees move is heightened, thereby improving oxygen supply to the toughest operating muscle groups. Higher move additionally aids the frame’s herbal filtering procedure through improving the discharge of waste merchandise created all over workout. Unique to 2XU, this Italian made multi-zone chamois supplies delicate cushioning, top-quality moisture control. Ergonomically engineered to the feminine anatomy.
Graduated Compression for more suitable move turning in upper oxygen ranges in your muscle groups for Higher energy and lowered fatigue Even as biking
Unique Italian made multi-zone chamois supplies remarkable cushioning, top-quality moisture control and coverage
Flatlock sewing for max chafe resistance

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