Geigerrig Cadence Rig

Offered in multiple colors
Stretchy, breathable, light poly-mesh
50-oz. reservoir

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The sunshine weight and occasional-profile design of the Geigerrig The Rig Cadenceis a very easy selection for someone who’s were given a longer term, hike, or trek in front of them. The usage of a breathable, light-weight fabric to make stronger considered one of Geigerrig’s 50-ounce reservoirs, this straightforward design makes it simple to stick hydrated regardless of where you’re. The reservoir includes a system of plug-and-play valves that make it simple to get set up, and the reservoir may also be washed at the most sensible rack of the dishwasher. A couple of color alternatives are to be had, so take a while and in finding the person who works right for you. Additional Features: Light weight, low-profile design Quite a few pockets for will have to-have pieces Lifetime warranty against leaks Clear out-able Weight: 1.15 lbs. About Geigerrig In case you’ve ever thought that a Geigerrig product appeared like a mixture of sensible, rugged military taste and the cutting edge appeal of up to date outside equipment, then you might be to be able to figuring out the thinking in the back of the basis of this industry-leading company. Co-founded by Bob and Curt Geiger, Geigerrig combines Bob’s revel in within the U.S. Marine Corps with Curt’s 40+ years spent as an outside retailer. The usage of state-of-the-art patents and out of date drawback-solving, Geigerrig on my own has made more advancement to the hydration pack product category than the industry has seen since hydration packs first hit the market over 15 years ago. Be expecting to continue watching Geigerrig revolutionize hydration systems and private water systems for any and all applications including military, recreational, industrial, and medical use. Offered in A couple of colors. Stretchy, breathable, light poly-mesh. 50-ounces. reservoir. Fast-unlock drinking and pressure tube valves. Slide-most sensible makes bladder simple to take away and refill. Reversible, dishwasher-secure reservoir. Convenient storage pouches. Dimensions: 15.5L x 13W x 1.25H in..
Offered in A couple of colors
Stretchy, breathable, light poly-mesh
50-ounces. reservoir
Fast-unlock drinking and pressure tube valves
Slide-most sensible makes bladder simple to take away and refill

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