Neoprene Drink Tube Covers

Insulated Hose Cover
36″ (90cm) or 43″ (109cm) Length
Flexible, Durable, & Easy Installation

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Stay your Water Cool & Glance Cool To. Offer protection to, Keep, and Insulate, your Camelbak® Supply® Hydrapak® Platypus® Osprey®, or any Hydration % drink tube. Our Neoprene Insulated drink tube covers Stay your water the suitable ingesting temperature in more than a few climate stipulations. Our covers are available in an array of colours so you do not stand out like a sore thumb.To be had in more than a few colours.
Insulated Hose Quilt
36″ (90cm) or forty three” (109cm) Period
Versatile, Sturdy, & Simple Set up
Suits all hydration % drink tubes Excluding Glued in Chew Valves
This sale is for the 1 Drink Tube Quilt Most effective.Made in the us.