PENN Women’s Stretch Straight Pant

PERFORMANCE JERSEY: Performance material wicks away moisture and keeps you cool. Added spandex for movement all means you can stay dry and comfortable during high endurance workouts.
FLAT SEAMS: Decreases friction and irritation caused by chafing.Spandex leggings can help increase circulation, support muscles and reduce muscle soreness caused by fatigue from exercise.
DURABLE AND STRETCHY FABRIC: Allows for full range of motion and flexibility.

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The each time, any place athletic pants on the way to fit with the rest and stay you at ease. The Efficiency subject material Lets in the outside to respire and stops inflammation right through workout routines.
PERFORMANCE JERSEY: Efficiency subject material wicks away moisture and assists in keeping you cool. Delivered spandex for movement all method you’ll stay dry and at ease right through top staying power workout routines.
FLAT SEAMS: Decreases friction and inflammation because of chafing.Spandex leggings can assist build up flow, toughen muscle mass and scale back muscle discomfort because of fatigue from workout.
DURABLE AND STRETCHY FABRIC: Lets in for complete vary of movement and versatility.
STREAMLINE DESIGN: Complements herbal leg form and has a slimming impact.
BANDED WAIST: Remains placed while shifting and bending right through yoga or tennis workout routines. Those leggings additionally simply stay you at ease and informal any day of the week.