RedTaro Replacement Bands for Fitbit FLEX Only / Fitbit Band / Fitbit Flex Band / Fitbit Wristband / Fitbit Flex Wristband / Fitbit Bracelet

Easy-to-wear, Slim, Comfortable Replacement Wristband
Free size band by pressing the button.
Stylish wrist band to match your daily style

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RedTaro Replacement Band for Fitbit Flex:
Free dimension that fluctuate via the button website. Select different colour to switch mood in day-to-day lifestyles. Stunning colour in your selection and can get selection colour then modification on a daily basis and suit your garments. Great replacement accessories for Fitbit Flex wristband.

Size:Width:zero.6 inches.
Note: It does NOT have compatibility different activity trackers or wristbands.

Available Color:
Colored: Black and white set, floral set, leopard set, paw print/dog print, music note, zebra, skull, owl, paisley, rose, lotus, plaid, tulip, flower, floral, violet floral, center, camouflage, leopard, peacock, arrow/chevron, butterfly, candy, porcelain, bamboo, center, love, masks, totem, firework, smile, picket article, small leaves, and so forth.
Plain: black, white, grey, violet, navy, teal, slate, red, crimson, inexperienced, yellow, orange, tangerine, 3-D version and so forth.
If you want to look more colours or packs, may just you please search in our retailer?

About RedTaro:
RedTaro is the registered trademark. If for any explanation why you might be unsatisfied with any product from RedTaro, please be happy to contact us. We take full possession and responsibility for the standard of our merchandise and can do our best possible to unravel your downside briefly and efficiently!
Simple-to-wear, Narrow, Relaxed Replacement Wristband
Free dimension band via pressing the button.
Fashionable wrist band to check your day-to-day taste
Best possible have compatibility in your Fitbit Flex activity tracker and Relaxed dressed in revel in
This band is just for Fitbit flex wi-fi wristband.

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