Run the World: My 3,500-Mile Journey Through Running Cultures Around the Globe

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From elite marathoner and Olympic hopeful Becky Wade comes The tale of her year-long exploration of numerous world running communities from England to Ethiopia—nine countries, 72 host families, and over 3,500 miles of running—investigating distinctive cultural approaches to the game and revealing the secrets to the good fortune of runners in all places the arena.

Fresh off a a success collegiate running career—with a couple of NCAA All-American honors and two Olympic Trials qualifying marks to her name—Becky Wade was once no stranger to global festival. However after years spent safely sticking to the educational strategies she knew, Becky was once interested in how her opposite numbers in different countries approached the game to which she’d dedicated over part of her life. So in 2012, as a recipient of the Watson Fellowship, she packed four pairs of trainers, cleared her schedule for the year, and took off on a journey to infiltrate diverse running communities all over the world. What she encountered a long way exceeded her expectancies and altered her outlook into the game she loved.

Over the following three hundred and sixty five days—visiting 9 countries with distinctive and storied running histories, logging over 3,500 miles running over trails, tracks, sidewalks, and dust roads—Becky explored the various approaches of runners across the globe. Whether or not riding shotgun across the streets of London with Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt, mountaineering for an hour at first light to the highest of Ethiopia’s Mount Entoto simply to start her day by day run, or getting lost jogging during the bustling streets of Tokyo, Becky’s surprising adventures, keen insights, and landscape descriptions take the reader into the pulse of distance running all over the world.

Upon her go back to america, she incorporated parts of the educational styles she’d sampled into her own program, and her competitive career skyrocketed. When she made her marathon debut in 2013, winning the race in a blazing 2:30, she was the third-fastest lady marathoner underneath the age of 25 in U.S. history, qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Trials and landing a certified sponsorship from Asics.

From the texture-based totally solution to running that she learned from the Kenyans, to the grueling uphill workouts she adopted from the Swiss, to the injury-recovery strategies she learned from the Eastern, Becky shares the secrets to good fortune from runners and coaches all over the world. The tale of 1 athlete’s interesting journey, Run the World could also be a choice to switch the best way we method the arena’s so much natural and inclusive sport.