Running Sports Gloves – Touchscreen Compatible – Thermal Glove Liners Designed for Running, Cycling, Texting, Driving – 90% Nylon 10% Spandex Reinforced Blend with Super Grippy Palm – Fits Men & Women

LIGHTWEIGHT PERFORMANCE & GRIP: These glove liners provide a layer of toasty warmth between your hands and the harsh wintry world. Their super grippy silicone palm ensures you grip your phone, bike handle bars or shovel with no slip. They’re perfect for running, hiking, biking, driving and warmer days on the slopes! You’re in good hands.
THUMB THROUGH YOUR PHONE: Capture every moment of your winter adventure without taking off your gloves! These gloves are touch compatible, so your fingers won’t freeze as you snap a photo of the Rockies from your ski lift.
SIZING: Thanks to our stretchy 90% nylon 10% spandex blend, these gloves will…fit you like a glove. Bad jokes aside, these gloves will stretch and conform to your hand perfectly. Most women buy sizes small and medium, while most men prefer medium and large sizes.

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LIGHTWEIGHT PERFORMANCE & GRIP: Those glove liners supply a layer of toasty heat between your palms and the cruel wintry global. Their tremendous grippy silicone palm guarantees you grip your telephone, motorcycle maintain bars or shovel without a slip. They are highest for operating, climbing, cycling, riding and hotter days at the slopes! You are in excellent palms.
THUMB THROUGH YOUR PHONE: Capture each moment of your winter journey with out taking off your gloves! Those gloves are touch suitable, so your palms would possibly not freeze as you snap a photograph of the Rockies out of your ski carry.
SIZING: Way to our stretchy ninety% nylon 10% spandex mix, Those gloves will…have compatibility you favor a glove. Unhealthy jokes apart, Those gloves will stretch and conform on your hand completely. So much ladies purchase sizes small and medium, at the same time as So much men prefer medium and massive sizes.
TOUGH-TESTED 1 YEAR WARRANTY: With over 5000 five-star opinions on Amazon, our out of doors merchandise are a favourite on Amazon. We put a 1-year no-questions requested guaranty on all our gloves. I am (g)loving it.
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