Source Outdoor Ultimate Hydration System with Widepac Reservoir

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Get all of Supply Outside’s hydration innovations in a single package deal with this hydration device, which incorporates a 2-liter Widepac reservoir (70-ounce capability), Helix Chew valve, a Common Tube Adapter, weave-coated tube, and a magnetic tube holder clip.

Source’s Glass-Like Movie within the Widepac bladder (BPA and phthalate unfastened) is smoother than same old TPU movies with just about no distinction from glass itself, fighting bio-Movie increase and making the device just about self-cleaning. And the wide opening bladder keeps a natural liquid style without a plastic taste.

You can attach the Common Tube Adapter (UTA) to a water faucet and fill your reservoir right away from the tap, or plug a water bottle’s threaded nozzle into the UTA and allow the water drift from the bottle to the reservoir. The UTA expands whilst a reservoir is complete and routinely disconnects if the reservoir is by accident overfilled.

The Helix Chew Valve includes a rounded form for simple drinking at any attitude. The drinking tube’s Cool Weave quilt blocks UV gentle and insulates, keeping your water cool and inhibiting micro organism expansion. Providing computerized, no-glance operation, the magnetic clip holds your hydration tube in place all over process.

Source has been a groundbreaker in hydration device era and could also be widely recognized for its tactical equipment and mountaineering sandals. Examined in probably the most excessive prerequisites, masses of lots of Supply hydration methods are in use within the box.

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