Vitalsox Tennis Ghost Drystat Plantar Support Odor Resistant, Socks Pairs VT1110T

Fitting Chart Small Ladies 5-8 Men’s 4-7 Medium Ladies 8-10 Men 7-9 Large Ladies 10-12 Men’s 9-11 Extra Large Men’s 11-14
Arch support starting mid foot for plantar ligament support
Silver DryStat, slows the growth of fungus and bacteria reducing sock odor. Quick drying and wicking reduces moisture preventing blisters.

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PERFORMANCE FIT for Operating, walking, Status, sitting, gymnasium, yoga, or sleep in them. Each and every taste is engineered with technical, sport-particular options, and built with patented fibers advanced thru years of exhaustive analysis, increased convenience and function.

STAY UP DEEP HEEL CUP Superior form retention and a deep heel cup to stay it from sliding down into your shoes

HAND INSPECTED Each and every pair of socks is inspected for high quality and serve as.

PREWASHED Machine washed and treated in “chemical free” softener.

SILVER DRYSTAT is our exclusive fiber that provides optimum moisture keep watch over lowering the expansion of bacteria and fungus to advertise a more healthy atmosphere on your feet.

ODOR CONTROL your feet would possibly smell, however your socks will withstand odors.

DRY FEET = LESS BLISTERS. Evenly padded on the ball and on best of the foot to advertise convenience and do away with abrasion and foot stress. Compression begins mid foot to fortify arch and plantar fascia. Reduces Accidents – Plantar fasciitis, shin splints, calf cramps, pulled muscles, achilles and heel cup problems, blisters, blood pooling. Carry out higher, get well sooner, and spice up your efficiency.

MADE IN ITALY By way of Arcos, high quality socks beneath the logo names Vitalsox, Sox, Worksox, Caresox, Recovery Socks, Eurosocks, and Euros.

Fitting Chart Small Girls five-8 Men’s four-7 Medium Girls 8-10 Men 7-nine Huge Girls 10-12 Men’s nine-eleven Further Huge Men’s eleven-14
Arch fortify beginning mid foot for plantar ligament fortify
Silver DryStat, slows the expansion of fungus and bacteria lowering sock odor. Fast drying and wicking reduces moisture combating blisters.
Made in Italy the usage of the contemporary technology and fibers, by no means outsourced to the lowest bidder
Designed for tennis and decrease leg wellness, in style for Walking, Operating, Maternity, Yoga, Commute, Status or Sitting and Sleeping

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