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Running Tip from Groucho Marx

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As Groucho Marx Once Said…

In one of the classic Marx Brothers movies, Groucho gets up from dinner in a restaurant and starts to leave. The waiter asks, “What about my tip?” Groucho immediately responds “Wear white at night!”

Good joke then – better advice now. Many people choose to run in the early morning, in the late evening or even at night. They do this because it might be cooler, they have a regular work day, or simply because, that’s when they get around to it.

However, it’s not the safest time to run. Drivers can be more distracted either just getting up, coming home from a long day or perhaps having had a little adult beverage. Cell phones and the spaceship-like controls on newer cars can compound the difficulty they may have picking up someone out for a run.

One answer is to wear some type of reflective material. Many running shoes now have reflective material that can show the motion of the runner. Even better are reflective belts or vests that are easier to pick up. More and more runners are making these standard equipment when they take off.

Other runners prefer a battery driven light. Similar to a flashlight, these can attach to a belt or even the runner’s hat. Most can be set for a steady light or to flash to be more noticeable.

No matter what you choose, the important thing is to come home safe. Use whatever gear you need to make sure that this happens. Remember that Harpo Marx only communicated by honking his horn – that’s not a sound any runner wants to hear.

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