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Should You Join A Running Club

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For many people, running is best as a solitary experience.  You can move at your own space, on your own schedule and either clear your mind or use the time to sort out what’s on your mind.  Others however, need the structure (or semi structure) of an organized running club.  Here are some reasons you might think about joining a club.

-To get in better shape.  Of course running is a great way to get in shape but an organized structure and running with experienced people can help you improve even more.

-To help measure your improvement.  Clubs will typically keep track of progress and help you see your improvement.  It’s much more fun to have others see and acknowledge your efforts than tracking it your self.

-To meet interesting people.  Most clubs will have a social side to them also.  This is a way to meet new people, build friendships and share other common interests.

-To meet your competition.  If you’re going to compete in road races, whether big time or just for grins, it’s good to know whom you’re running against.  You can pace each other, make friendly side bets, or use a rivalry as incentive to push yourself.

-To have people of common interest that you can talk to or travel to races with.  Going out of town for races by your self can be a tiring and boring time.  Car pooling with friends, either to your own races or to watch others race adds to the enjoyment.

-To have someone to talk to that understands your injuries.  None of us race full time and if you go back to work with an injury, you may not want to talk about it or, your co-workers may have no sympathy.  Friends in the club can relate and point you to what might have helped them with a similar injury.

-It can give you a reason to get out of bed on Sundays.  Everyone likes that chance to just roll over and get a little more sleep when you can.  With the structure of a club, you’re more likely to get up, get out and run with your friends.  The Camaraderie of the Club will pull you out.

-Finally, it can make you a better runner.  That’s what this is all about after all.  Running with structure, with a schedule and most important with friends can help you build your skills, and your strength.