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Three Ways to Practice Long Distance Running

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If you’re a runner, you may have long dreamt of running the marathon. But the truth is that running for the 26.22 mile stretch and touching that finishing line can be compared to scaling Mount Everest and reaching its peak. It is indeed quite challenging and is limited only to those who are brave at heart and completely determined to achieve their goals. But this does not necessary mean that you cannot take part in longer distance race. With proper practice, dedication and full commitment to this sport, you be competitive. What is basically required is your maximum effort to train well, dedicate sufficient time to the practice and be motivated constantly to the max. This can sound to be somewhat tough initially. However with time, you can get over things and emerge a winner.

Some marathon tips for aspiring winners

  • The entire preparation should be well planned and you need to give your body a good amount of time to get accustomed to the rigorous training and running. Four to six months would be more than enough for the prep process. You need to run for about 4 times in a week without fail. At the same time, you should try to take rest for a day or so in between the rigorous training sessions. One weekend day is to be devoted to long distance running, to ensure that over time, you are in a position to cover eventually a distance of more than 20 miles. At the same time, you should try to increase your mileage just by about 10% every week and no more than that. If you try to rush in things, then the chances of suffering due to injuries can be very high. Hence, to minimize all types of risks and issues, you have to devote some part of the training session to warm up as well as to cool down. Start any training only after your muscles are properly stretched that you should start. Otherwise, don’t start that day. Experts are of the opinion that stretching out is essential and recommended in between actual running.
  • Running for a long time in the very beginning can be real tough. It is for this reason, you can have some walking alternated with running. This can help you to slow down your heart rate and also to get your muscles relaxed a bit. As a matter of fact, there are many who have adopted this amazing strategy during the actual race.
  • One more important practice that you can have as part of the long distance preparation strategy is to perform weight training. This will only make your muscles and body much stronger and also boost your stamina significantly. This way, you can last for a longer period of time and not get tired quickly.

The above are the three different ways by which you can practice long distance running and eventually become a good marathon runner.

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